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Here are a group of general questions and answers that can help prepare you for our services.

Rates & Fees




Vehicle Use


Do you offer delivery and pick up?

We offer FREE delivery and pick up within a 35 mile radius to those who rent for a week or longer. If you are renting for less than a week and would like delivery and pick up please inquire for a personal quote to your location.

Are your Traveling Trucks pet friendly?


Do you allow towing?

Yes as long as we can verify insurance coverage with your provider. Please inquire about the capacity of the unit you wish to rent.

Do you allow out of state trips? out of country trips?

Yes we allow out of state trips as long as your insurance provider covers out of state. We do not allow out of country trips and we do not provide one way rentals.

Do you provide one way rentals?

At this moment we do not provide one way rentals.

Do you allow long term rentals?

Yes. A new rental agreement has to be produced every 30 days. Please inquire about discounted rental and mileage rates

Do you allow hourly rentals?

Yes we do, please inquire about a custom quote on time and mileage.

Do you require a car wash upon return?

Traveling Pickup Trucks, Yes. Commercial Trucks, No. You may be charged up to a $150 cleaning fee if returned dirty. Damages not included.

Do I have to refuel the truck upon my return?

Every truck will be given to renters with a full tank. Please return to the same level. If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank it will be subject to a $5 per gallon refueling fee.

Do I have to provide proof of insurance?

Yes. You or your business agrees to provide primary auto liability, collision and comprehensive insurance covering you, us, and the vehicle.  If you are not sure please contact your insurance agent and inquire about your existing policy and coverage.

Can I purchase a Supplemental Liability Policy from you?

No. You may purchase a Supplemental Liability policy from your insurance provider or a third party insurance provider. 

What is Rental Collision (R.C.P.) and how does it work?

Rental Collision Protection pays for all damage done to rental unit if the unit is damaged due to collision, vandalism, wind storm, fire, hail or flood while in the renter’s possession

Is R.C.P. required?

If your current auto policy covers our rental vehicle damage it is not required otherwise it is required. Most auto policies do not cover commercial trucks and commercial vans. Please inquire.

How much is a R.C.P. policy?

It is $25 per day. It is $20 per day if vehicle is rented for longer than a week.

If I decline R.C.P. am I liable for any damages to the rental vehicle?


What is the deductible for R.C.P.?


Am I liable for damages caused to others and other's property if I am at fault?

Yes, you are responsible for all damage or loss you cause to others. You agree to provide primary auto liability, collision and comprehensive insurance covering you, us, and the vehicle. 

Is there an age limit and young renters fee?

You must be 21 years of age to rent and are subject to a young drivers fee if you are younger than 25. Please inquire about our rates per vehicle.

Can I add multiple drivers to my rental?

Yes. A drivers license, D.O.B. and signature must be produced. If the additional driver is NOT a spouse we require proof of insurance. Additional driver fees may apply. Please inquire.

Do you require a current drivers license and a good driving record to be able to rent?

Yes and all renters must have less than 3 points on their driving record.

Can someone else rent a truck for me?


Do you offer cash rentals?


What if i currently don't have car insurance?

You will not be able to rent a vehicle from us.

Do you offer an insurance binder for those who don't have insurance?


Can a business with multiple drivers rent a truck?

Yes. A certificate of insurance must be provided and a list of drivers and drivers license numbers.

Do you require a deposit or credit card hold?

Yes. A $150 credit card hold will be made at the time of rental and will be used towards final payment balance. 

What if I go over the miles allowed?

Travel Trucks: You will be subject to a 40 cents per mile fee. Commercial Trucks: Please inquire for details.

Can I purchase extra miles for a short term trip? (Travel Pickup Trucks)

Yes. Miles Packages are available and non-refundable so please choose wisely. Please inquire about our rates.

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